NM Wines Pte Ltd

NM Wines Pte Ltd has been established since 2014, focused mainly on small family owned, boutique Italian wine producers that make wines of affordable value yet excellent in quality.

The company philosophy fervently believes in passionately assisting customers make informed choices thru our professional sharing of wine knowledge and experiences. This is because our mission is to ensure that each bottle of wine that our customer chooses, will always be of his/her preference, a wine that he/she enjoys. Moreover, this whole process should always be wallet-friendly, hence adding more enjoyment to the drinking experience.


“Our mission is to share the romance of the Italian wines, along with all the traditions, knowledge, history, and people behind the production, to as many people as possible, both domestically and internationally.”

Wine & Chef

WINE & CHEF prides itself having an extensive and distinctive range of Italian-focused wines that adhere fervently to the philosophy of bringing quality, passion and dedication into every bottle we served.

Furthermore, we introduce our wines by sharing knowledge and experiences so that each and every of our guests are able to make informed choices and get to enjoy the drinks of their preference, all at very affordable prices.

We, too, stand out in our cuisine by creatively cooking up a menu of Hokkien-inspired (a Chinese dialect tradition) dishes that contain essence of Italian style, which appeal to our local palates and interest our overseas friends, and again all at prices that do not stress the wallets.

“Excellent Wines, Quality Food, Affordable Prices”

SG Wine Cellar

Sg Wine Cellar is the newest addition to the Singapore wine scene. We aim to present the oenophilic public with a wonderful selection of boutique wines from different regions of Italy at an affordable price. Need wine for a party or a special occasion? We will be delighted to help pair your food with our wine! If you are looking for a unique gift, you have most definitely found the right place.

Sg Wine Cellar is building bridges from the hills of Italy to Singapore by importing only the best wines from the undiscovered terrains of the Mediterranean Peninsula. There are as many as 300 Italian grape varieties undiscovered outside the country! Discovering these hidden gems and being able to share them with you is made possible by the expertise of our in-house sommelier and wine specialists.

The wines in our portfolio feature local varietals from the cold northern regions of Veneto, the warmer, hilly regions of Abruzzo, and the hot south of Puglia. We have selected the finest wines from small, family-owned wineries that use only traditional and natural winemaking techniques to ensure the quality of the finished products. The brands we carry are exclusive to us – you won’t be able to find them elsewhere in Singapore! Working closely with the vineyards, we have managed to obtain the best value we can for these wines, which mean you get the best bang for your buck.

“Our mission is to tantalize and educate our local connoisseurs of the indigenous grapes of Italy, a bottle at a time, while allowing them to increase their appreciation for Italian boutique wines.”