• Misha’s Vineyard Wine Dinner

    Posted: 04/03/2017 5:51 pm EDT Updated: March 4, 2017 5:51 pm

    We had an enormously great pleasure to be presenting one of New Zealand’s very reputable wine producer, Misha’s Vineyard from Central Otago. Our guests were treated to a palate-pampering experience filled with beautiful fine wines, from a refreshingly aromatic Sauvignon Blanc to that wonderfully mineral Riesling and not forgetting the critically acclaimed Pinot Noir. In fact a very enjoyable six different yet brilliant wines with an undeniably “WOW” factor.

    But the best is not only in the wines, but the two amazingly passionate people behind the wines, Misha and Andy Wilkinson. Those who have met them, especially during wine dinners, undoubtedly will have their two thumbs up, that their charm, overflowed sincerely out from the love for their wines will totally embrace any audience. They so generously took time to share with us the romance of their wines, featuring those interesting stories with such abundance of humour and laughters. From Misha’s childhood, to Andy’s golden coins beliefs, to ballerina and theatrical experience that eventually formed the names of the wines, to their well-deserved success. Thou the stories were shared at intervals during the dinner, every time they mesmerised all the guests.

    A big big thank you shout out to Misha and Andy, for the opportunity to organize a beautiful wine dinner together. Deep appreciation to Crystal Wines too, with Chris and Ray for assisting us with the arrangements and scheduling. Not forgetting the awesome group of WINE & CHEF friends that supported us, making this dinner possible. And also both the dedicated culinary and service team, who gave their all in making this evening so memorable.

    Wines of MISHA’S VINEYARD features:
    – The Starlet Sauvignon Blanc
    – Limelight Riesling
    – Dress Circle Pinot Gris
    – Impromptu Pinot Noir
    – The High Note Pinor Noir
    – The Cadenza Gewurztraminer