• Clavesana Winery

    Posted: 11/03/2015 3:30 pm EDT Updated: March 26, 2015 10:46 am

    Siamo Dolcetto. We are Dolcetto.

    One thousand and four hundred Giornate make our day.”

    A Giornata, which means a day in Italian, means an acre in Piemontese. Each of Clavesana’s 350 co-vintner families own about 4 Giornate of vineyards in the Langhe hills, Italy’s Côte d’Or, which brings the total to 1,400, hence the slogan.

    Clavesana owns nearly all of Piemonte’s highest vineyards, where Dolcetto is mainly grown.
    The Clavesana motto, 100% Conferimento Totale, also doubles as their code of conduct. All of Clavesana’s co-vintner families participate in and share responsibilities from vine selection to harvest.

    Clavesana provides all of Piemonte’s main DOCs as well with the Clavesana Langhe Area Network – their C-LAN.

    Vinification is “Alla Giornata”, or done in the day, and all the wine is estate bottled.
    Clavesana is the first grower of Dolcetta and produces some of Italy’s best-selling Dolcetto. According to their clients and Italy’s top wine guides, they are one of Italy very best wine producers. They sold a staggering 300,000 cases of Dolcetto last year – 12% of Dolcetto sold worldwide came from their vineyards.