Rambela Ravenna IGP

Tenuta Uccellina


Light/Medium, Aromatic, Soft, Still, White; 2015; Region: Romagna.

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Rambela Ravenna IGP Tenuta Uccellina


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Grape Varietal : Famoso

Light/Medium, Aromatic, Soft, Still, White; 2015; Region: Romagna.

Alcohol Content: 12.5%
Soil Type: Clay
Serving Temp: 10-12 °C.

Tasting Notes

             Tenuta Uccellina established itself among the hills of Bertinoro, an area in Romagna (Northern Italy) where the traditions of Italian wines very much remain true to the origins. From viticulture to vinification to marketing, every step, every process, every detail, the team at Tenuta Uccellina goes thru great length with great effort to ensure the delivery of unparalleled quality. At the same time, allowing wine lovers to enjoy the full experience of "drinking terroir", understanding the wine, the land, the grape, the climate, the history, the culture... every bottle of Tenuta Uccellina has a wonderful story to tell.

               Famoso means famous in Italian but interestingly, very few people outside the region of Romagna know about this ancient native grape variety. Even Jancis Robinson & co. (researched in 2000 and written in 2009/11) did not manage to find enough information to mention about it when they released their first edition of Wine Grape. This was due to the fact that there were barely any documents or details of significant viticulture or commercial production during their research period, not even in the Italian vineyard census.

               The mentioning of grape variety is believed to be recorded as far back as 1437 in tax documents. However the worldwide destruction of the vineyards during the Phylloxera crisis starting mid-1800s almost decimated this unique grape variety, leaving as little as two rows of vines found in Mercato Saraceno. With just these two surviving rows, passionate viticulturists repopulate the grape variety and revived the production of the wine through experimental yet meticulous processes. All thanks to the care and dedication of the viticulturists, in addition to the hardiness of the plant, as of 2015, there are about 13 ha of the vines thriving in the region and growing rapidly.

                Famoso wines usually has a pronounced aromatic notes with soft acidity which have great potential to enjoy worldwide. Furthermore, it is a very versatile grape that can be made into still whites, sparkling (dry or off-dry), or sweet style.

                This refreshing Tenuta Uccellina Rambela gives a pronounced floral aromas accompanied by sweet notes of nectar, hints of apricots and peach. A very delightful and approachable white that is light/medium-bodied and soft acidity. A real treat when served chilled and enjoyed under the hot and humid Singapore environment.ends, decided to repopulate the grape variety.


For international food - recommended pairing with grilled fish, grilled chicken, Caesar Salad.

For local delights - recommended pairing with Hainanese Chicken rice, fried carrot cake.