Burson Nera Ravenna IGP

Tenuta Uccellina


Red, Rich, Dense, Powerful, Still, Dry, 2012; Region: Romagna.

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Burson Nera Ravenna IGP Tenuta Uccellina


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Grape Varietal : Uva Longanesi

Red, Rich, Dense, Powerful, Still, Dry, 2012; Region: Romagna.

Alcohol Content: 15.5%
Soil Type: Clay
Serving Temp: 18-22 °C.

Tasting Notes

              Tenuta Uccellina established itself among the hills of Bertinoro, an area in Romagna (Northern Italy) where the traditions of Italian wines very much remain true to the origins. From viticulture to vinification to marketing, every step, every process, every detail, the team at Tenuta Uccellina goes thru great length with great effort to ensure the delivery of unparalleled quality. At the same time, allowing wine lovers to enjoy the full experience of "drinking terroir", understanding the wine, the land, the grape, the climate, the history, the culture... every bottle of Tenuta Uccellina has a wonderful story to tell.

              This wine is made from Uva Longanesi, a native grape of Ravenna (thou some believed it was brought over from Spain in the past). This hardy grape variety almost faced extinction during the 1800s but was chance upon an opportunity to thrive when Antonio Longanesi bought a property in 1913 at Bagnacavallo, Ravenna. He found a lonely old wine growing up along an oak tree, and together with his son Aldo and friends, decided to repopulate the grape variety.

              In 1972, Antonio's grandson Pietro, named the grape variety Uva Longanesi in honour of his family roots. And in 1999, the name of the grape variety is nationally recognized. The word Burson, also the name of Uva Longanesi, means "big bag" which was the nickname of Antonio.

              The Longanesi vines are very hardy and its berries display strong resistance to fungal attacks due to their thick skins and small size. From a lonely vine found by accident in 1913, at recent times, this grape variety thrived to cover 200 ha in west and southwest of Ravenna, Romagna.

              According to their appellation regulations, the Longanesi wines under Ravenna IGT are divided into the following two categories:

              The "Etichetta Nera" also known as "Black Label" requires a strict procedure of maturing 20 months in oak and a certain proportion of dried (passito) grapes to make the wine. This produces a very powerful red with very rich flavours and alcohol.

              The "Etichetta Blu" also known as Blue Label, are allowed to be produced using the carbonic maceration technique, hence producing a Longanesi wine with softer tannins.

              This densely garnet coloured Tenuta Uccellina Burson “”Etichetta Nera” display profound notes of dried plums, prunes and blackfruits, with significant mix of vanilla, chocolate and oak. Powerfully rich on the palate that showcased full-bodied mouth-feel, firm tannins, solid structure that ends with a deliciously lasting finishing.


For international food - recommended pairing with a big juicy steak or roast lamb filled with herbs.

For local delights - recommended pairing with deep braised pig trotters or hot plate venison.