Moscato d'Asti DOCG

Taliano Michele


White, Sweet; 2016; Region: Piedmont.

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Moscato d'Asti DOCG Taliano Michele

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Grape Varietal : Muscat

White, Sweet; 2016; Region: Piedmont.

Alcohol Content: 5 %
Soil Type: Calcareous
Sugar: 130-140 g per Litre
Acidity: 5.10-5.30 g per Litre

The grapes Moscato have always been the grapes for the production of the wine of the celebrations and convivial occasions. The wine Moscato d’Asti is obtained from this old vine, whose name derives from the latin term “muscum” which means “musk”, that is an essence used basically to produce valuable perfume.

The grapes become ripe towards the beginning of September. They form golden colour bunch with an intense and unmistakable aromatic perfume.

The grapes are pressed in such a way to separate the liquid fraction from the solid one; the grape must is clarified and, after, ferments at a temperature ranging from 16° to 18°C. This process is then stopped by means of a sudden fall of the temperature when the alcoholic content is equal to 5° of alcohol: in this way the obtained wine is rich of sugar and bouquet.

Tasting Notes

The visual perceptions show a straw-coloured wine with more or less golden effect and the presence of very fine froth. The olfactory sensations show an aromatic and intense bouquet with floral perfumes that reminds of acacia, lime and perfumes of fruits such as the peach, the apricot and the orange.

In the mouth the sensation of the sweet taste is well balanced by the right acidity and the low alcoholicity, everything is enhanced by the development of very small bubbles.

Food Pairing:

For its aromatic characteristics Moscato d’Asti is ideal to accompany every sweet or as refreshing drink in any moment of the day.